Monday, 22 March 2010

Ok so heres the crack. Im starting to move away from the whole zombie and comic strip stlye of things, at least where my sculpture is concerned. Ive been looking at a chap called Folkert de Jong :)

So im taking the human form again and trying to look at the ugle side of things with a dash of the old familiar dark and sinister.

So heres the start of Mr Ugly :) starting with some nice sandy clay for strength, and firstly constructing a rough head and shoulders (no knees no toes)

And so after building and constructing some facial features i carved his head out with a spoon :)

After scooping out clay brains i added some detail to his face in the form of some eye brows, lips and nostrils, as well as some eyes out of common decency.

And so...i punched him :( I have put some holes in him where expanda foam will also spew out after ive painted him up a nice pastal colour :) lovely

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